Monday, September 19, 2011

Skin Cell Regeneration Meditation

The seasons change their manners as the year
Had found some months asleep and leapt over them

-Henry IV, Shakespeare

Meditation helps the transition of the seasons, so does a  Liberty print blouse, suede ballet flats, and cropped pants.
Before sitting, wash your face with your Clarisonic and Super Salve Foaming Cleanser, happily peppermint and lemon scented, then massage Comfrey Lotion into your face, applying a bit of pressure, around the eye sockets, jawline, temples and cheeks, press for seven seconds, them move the fingers outward. Voila, shiatsu.
Comfrey has cell rejuvenating properties, and the most important ingredient allatoin. Allatoin is believed to be a cell proliferator and able to strengthen skin.
Now, sit comfortably, relax the root of your tongue, release the front of your throat, let your shoulder blades slide down your back, and use the breath to create space between each vertebrae. Close your eyes and breathe in, filling your lungs as though you were filling a vase with water.
Focus on sending your breath further down then it normally goes, and higher up your than it normally goes, breathing the ribs aways from the heart. Repeat this cycle five times, or until you feel your body and mind calm.
With the money you save knowing how to take care of yourself, consider planting a few rows of grapes, or replacing your draperies with lemon and lime trees in brass pots to brighten the winter.  

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