Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reflexology for Beauty and Balance

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to heaven.
All's Well That Ends Well, WS

There are many nerve endings in your feet. Reflexology works as the pressure techniques applied to the feet interact with  the body's nervous system creating relaxation, internal balance that shows on your face, and overall improved circulation. This allows the body to hit re-set, naturally.  
You are lucky if you live where Foot Spas abound and affordable reflexology is offered.
If not, find a good reflexology chart or book, and give your feet a good twenty minutes in the evening. It is a lovely habit, and your will go to sleep prettier, with calmer face and clearer mind and eyes. There are corresponding points on the feet to the body's organs and systems, and they need love too.
To create space between the bones in your face, interlace the fingers of your right hand between the toes of your left foot, and then the opposite. You will feel the stress of the day release, and your jaw and facial muscles soften.
For the foot ceremony, a cotton Hanro nightie and Violin Concerto #1 by Haydn is always desirable.
Body Nurish's Herbal Foot Treatment  is a great evening foot massage cream, Excellent for soothing and healing dry, cracked, and tired feet. The rich cream soothes and revitalizes tired feet, and rehydrates. Made with organic chaparral leaf; comfrey leaf; echinacea flower; hops flower; usnea lichen; beeswax; shea butter; coconut oil; grapefruit seed extract; glucose enzyme; and pure essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosewood.
With the money you save from this lovely habit, you can get a perfectly shiny weekly hair deep conditioning and  blowout, a gold flecked Russian Triptych from a charming bricolage shop, or  a great bottle of bourbon and 20  pounds of peaches to make peach jam.

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