Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Detox Not Botox

There are easy daily things to do for beauty - drink water first thing in the morning, drink lemon water, a tablespoon of honey in your water, go for a walk, eat vegan every other day, dry skin brush for 10 minutes, while a different mask daily dries, and weekly such as bodywraps.
Weekly body wraps can be done at home such as Exotic Clay Body Wrap - invite a friend over to paint your back. If you rowed together at school, then it's not awkward. Or try comfrey gel wrap at a salon, combined with a facial. Don't be too cool for a beauty school, this makes it an affordable habit.
Weekly hair masks prolong your cut and color. Super Salve's Replenishing Hair Mask works wonders, so does a salon treatment under the dryer.
These small habits add up to never needing a beauty intervention, and they save money in the long run.
With the money saved replace your garden shed with an Far Infra Red sauna and icy cold plunge pool, steam room, salt room, and a tea house, with a musician.

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