Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BT Micro Peels, Lifts, and Tones Your Face

La plus ca change, the more they stay the same.
Preserve your face as time goes by, it's a good look.
BT Micro does just that. It is from the microcurrent lifting pioneers, Bio-Therapeutics. BT Micro is a handheld device for home use. Ultrasonic technology helps creams and serums penetrate, and peels and tones the skin.
The negative ion moves lymph and clarifies the skin. and the peel  function exfoliates.
For this step apply Body Nurish Soothing Herbal Jelly Mask, then peel over that. The soothing mask prevents dryness.
Then Step 1 positive ionic charge helps serums penetrate, with an ultrasonic spatula. Try VitaNutrient Intensive Vitamin C Treatment for this step.
Step 2 postive ionic charge the ultrasonic spatula penetrates creams, try VitaNutrient Face Cream.
BT Micro has lovely a lifting result, as it is microcurrent.
And LightStim LED is a good extra step  for stimulating collagen .
The BT Micro is an investment, but gives salon quality treatments, and it is quick.
With the money you save, you can buy a mid thigh length cashmere cape, three strands of pearls to push up over your forehead for a headband, or plant boxwood and yew along your front walk.

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