Sunday, September 4, 2011

Essential Beauty Points for La Rentree

La Rentree -  end of summer sounds better in French.
This essential list certainly will help ease the transition into autumn, a season that can be as sweet as summer. And because everyone looks like Shrek sometimes.
Pressing these  points help to increase the blood circulation and energy flow on the face and tones the skin. Press each point for seven seconds.
  • If your face is tired or sagging, rub in the middle of the lower cheekbone on both sides of the face.
  • For puffy eyes rub on each side of the nose in keeping with the inner edges of the eyes, this moves lymph..
  • If your face looks tired or is sagging , rub on the outer edges of the eyes on both sides.
  • For lifeless cheeks and jowls rub the dimples beneath the ears on both sides of the face.
  • For eye bags and loose cheek muscle rub the space  between eye and cheekbone on both sides of the face.
  •  To tone up the muscles of the entire body, rub in the middle of the palms of both of your hands, briskly, generating heat.
Now play the Don MacLean's American Pie, loudly and spray your face with Power Repair Face Mist - hydrating, soothing and lavender and ylang ylang smell divine.
With the money you save knowing how to do your own quick fixes, you can have friends over for Campari and soda, Tomato and Onion Tarte, some olives with orange rind grated on top , on a Camargue cloth tablecloth.Or put roses and dahlias in a dimpled white milk vase, faded, tattered roses are still lovely,  or buy a pair of Gina Pankowksi drop earrings - the tear drop shape dangles elegantly just right near the jawline, best earrings ever, subtle and stunning -  white gold and pink quartz.

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