Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chamomile for Beauty, Inside and Out

'Though the camomile, the more it is trodden upon, the faster it grows; yet youth, the more it is wasted, the sooner it wears.'
King Henry IV, WS

Chamomile works on the outside to soothe, heal and regenerate skin, making it smoother and of an even tone. Enjoying as a tea, it soothes digestion and is soporific, a sleepy-time tea. It is fragrant in the garden, and releases a delicate scent when brushed.
It is in many of The Super Salve Company products because it is a beauty essential, and great for babies and blondes. It soothes redness and eliminates puffy eyes, and is wonderful to inhale.
So, knowing this, find the Power Repair or Body Nurish products that work best for you. With skin care so effective and affordable, you can have a fete!
For an autumn afternoon wear Pendleton Beach Boy Plaid Vans, from a few seasons ago. Never wear what is the mode this minute, too obvious. Adopt a look from Ms. Wintour and wear crew neck long sleeve shirt and damask rose patterned skirt, listen to Alexander's Feast by Handel, and sip a Benedictine, from your grandmother's glassware.
Benedictine monks put herbs to aid digestion in their liqueur.
Set the table with tartan tablecloth and Rose Chintz china will be perfect for Honey Glazed Chicken with Rosemary - this is a perfect dish, can be served hot or cold. Red Potato Salad made with organic potatoes, and open a nice Merlot for wine ripened heirloom tomatoes (tomatoes splashed with wine) with fresh black pepper.
 Always know a good baker for crusty bread, find a farm stand  fresh peaches with creme fraiche, and freeze mint ice cubes for   iced mint and chamomile tea, with a generous amount of Vermouth. Vermouth contains chamomile.
With your effortless natural beauty, there is time to throw a cashmere sweater over your shoulders, and have another glass of Benedictine, and allow someone read you a sonnet.

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