Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to have Perfect Hair

Perfect hair is the best accessory. Best hairdresser Jessica makes her blowouts perfect with a few simple tricks she has shared with me, for better at home results.
It begins with shampoo:
  • Use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to remove build up - be careful, these can be drying to the hair.
  • Use a toner shampoo once a week to tone down brassiness.
  • Then deep condition, preferably under heat. There are heated caps available for this too. Or, use a plastic cap, heat your head with a blow dryer, then wrap a towel warm from the dryer over to capture the heat. Letting it cool after twenty minutes seals the cuticle, creating shine.
Then shampoo and use a light conditioner. When applying Argan Oil, begin at the nape of the neck and work outward.
Super Salve has Replenishing Hair Mask and Body Nurish makes Organic Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment  this product is brilliant for both the scalp and hair. Massage your head, or ask a friend. This relaxes the muscles, softening the face, and like all products form the Super Salve Company, it smells divine, the scent being fully a part of the experience.
An shiner spray really boosts your hair, Jessica often uses Aquage on my hair.
Never color more than a shade or two from your natural color, and ask your hairdresser for an alternative to harsh foils - glosses break up the roots and help your hair grow out the foils for a more natural and elegant look.
Make perfect hair a habit, don't wait for a special occasion - create the opportunity for a special occasion.