Saturday, September 3, 2011

Afternoon Delight

For a lovely afternoon break, move energy with ten minutes of facial cupping , using Fruity Lift to help the cups glide. Then apply Green Clay Refinisher Facial Mask and read PG Wodehouse's The Girlfriend, a charming short story while the mask dries. With a little Mahler playing softly in the background.
When this is dry, rinse lightly and apply VitaNutrient Intensive Vitamin C Treatment, and smile thinking of the rose gardens at Blandings Castle. And spray yourself and your windowsills with Rose Renaissance  - the pure scent of roses in aloe vera and water.
The next step in your home facial is a natural facelift with Reflexology:
Pushing reflex or facial reflexology points as part of facial improves energy circulation and revitalizes. Push each reflexology point in sequence for several seconds. The motion is a soft press and lift, the release. Each side of the face is done simultaneously.
  • Press on the bridge of the nose, in between the eyes, in the bottom of the forehead, applying both thumbs, one following on from the other. Repeat.
  • On top of the eyebrows, in the middle of the face, press down by the line of eyebrows.
  • Repeat the motion many times, going outwards until the forehead is covered. Begin in the middle and smooth in an outward motion towards the temples, place both of your hands using all the fingers.
  • Begin under inner eyebrows, press in line working outwards until the outer corner of the eyes. Press next to the outer corner of the eyes.
  • Begin at each side of the nose; work outwards for the ear beneath cheekbone. Now move upwards until the whole of the upper cheek is covered.
  • Start at the area between the nose and upper lip, press in an outward direction in a continual line. Repeat movement .
  •  Begin beneath lower lip, press in an outward direction in a continuous line using two fingers. Repeat .
  •  Pinch lightly on the jaw line, working outwards.
  •  Press down the entire hairline, working towards ears. Repeat .
For an extra glow, use your LightStim LED, it can be very relaxing.
Voila you look beautiful. And with the money you have saved you can buy a beehive for your garden or an elegant bespoke carved jasper scarab ring set in 22kt. gold lotus leaves from Gina Pankowski  jewelry. Mine has been causing scarab envy to break out everywhere I go!

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