Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Salt Rocks for Beauty

On the sidewalks, earthworms surfed across puddles, and the rain beat a steady rhythm on the garbage can lids, sounding like the march of chain mail boots marching into cold muddy battle at Aigincourt.  
The logical plan is escape to a Korean Spa in a funky strip mall.
We started in a room lined with  amethyst, quartz, and jade. We lay down in the dimly lit room on the floor mats, and absorbed the wonderful heat (148 degrees) and then moved to the salt room. A jump in the very cold plunge pool,  and headed for the Clay Room, at 183 degrees, and became one with the grass mat.
Easy to to do so  as the is Far Infra Red, (FIR) a frequency that heats you from inside out, boosting circulation and metabolism. 
Salt rids the body of puffiness.  
We  had a body scrub and body moisturizing treatment, that incorporated massage, shiatsu, and reflexology.
And for lunch, the seaweed soup alkanizes your blood and is full of antioxidants.
The facials and body moisturizing treatments used cucumber, honey, and warm milk.
The salt, magnesium and other stones emit the desirable negative ions that make your corpuscles happy, and the contrast between the heat and the cold plunge creates a vacuum in your venous blood, increasing circulation as it flushes out toxins. 
Leaving, we  agreed as the rain beat on the windshield that spring was just around the corner.
A Korean Spa is always a great value. With the money you saved you can go to Hong Kong and have a quilted bed jacket made of silk, with matching pajamas. And good heavens, you trekked to a strip mall, now you can afford to have your blow out and pedicure come to you.
Rock Salt RoomSalt Room, Bella Luna Spa, Lynnwood, Washington

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