Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Reiki Hot Stone Facial for Symmetry

Tina the Reiki Master gave me a reiki/cranio sacral/hot stone facial, followed by a serious vitamin C mask. The results are symmetry restored to my face, all signs of tension gone, and a very posh glow to my skin, like a lovely sunset, sublte and stunning.
Body Nurish has several great masks, and its fun to be creative with layering. after you exfoliate with the green clay mask, soothe with the Jelly Mask, and then layer on the Vitamin C serum generously - clerks will linger giving you your change and the extra quart of oil for your car engine is on the house.
Ahhh, with your life so much easier, you are that much closer to a book contract, it's easier to be noble and take the high road, and you never know, there could be a wondreful rustic lodge nestled in the trees at the end of the high road.

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