Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Benefits of Microcurrent vs. Cupping

Microcurrent for facial toning gives immediate results that increase with more treatments. Microcurrent can be expensive, and while I know a handful of people who have the machine in their home, this costs more than their housekeeper's car.
Cupping is easy and inexpensive. A set of cups costs about $65.  Cupping is effective -it stimulates circulation and collagen production, moves lymph, sculpts, lifts and tones.
I use the Fruity Lift from to help it along.
My lovely Reiki Master Tina is amazed at the firmness cupping has given my jawline.
Both are non invasive and keep you from going down the slippery slope of more drastic treatments.
Cupping vs. Microcurrent - both!
Start the habit before you think you need to do so!
When your skin looks great, the need to shop is less as you are more satisfied with your appearance. With the money saved you can take a botanical drawing class in London, or go to an auberge and learn to make charcuterie. What a wonderful  hostess gift that will make for the holidays, something you made yourself!
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