Monday, October 24, 2011

The Cheekbone Relaxer

Winter is snow with black silhouettes - Vincent Van Gogh

Winter is on it's way, and make the very best of it. Make a 6 am walkies date with a friend, rather than an excuse. Find joy in what there is - go to a wine tasting and dinner in an art deco hut half way up a live snow covered volcano, Mt. Hood comes to mind. Find vintage cookbooks, and entertain graciously over the course of an evening - place cards, candles, a proper dinner party from beginning to end. Plant a swath crocus bulbs in the middle of your lawn, you will enjoy color before the mowing begins.
And of course, remove tension to stay pretty:
This massage increases facial circulation and helps clear the sinuses.
Starting at the corners of your nose, apply slight pressure to your nose with your index finger. Sweep out towards your ears and fold for three seconds. Repetez as needed.
Rub Organic Herbal Hair and Scalp Treatment into your hair, and play Buddy Holly's Greatest hits while you dry skin brush. Keep the week day showers fun with Organic Coconut Sugar Scrub - it has pink clay in it, and the smell is so wonderful I have a visceral craving for that, and the coconut cleansing milk. Remember, your shower releases endorphins, it is on bit of joy in the daisy chain of the day - how much beauty can you fit into your day?
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