Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebrate Rocktober with Pink Diamond Earrings

This weekend was a leisurely, meandering, plaid fueled road trip to the fruit stands. The air was full of the scents of drying licorice stems mingled with raspberries and damp earth, the tables a mosaic of crimson apples, golden pears, blushing nectarines, heirloom tomatoes and organic purple and red potatoes. We had car radio tuned to classic rock, and the dj kept talking about Rocktober.
That rocks! Of course jewelry is a natural beauty! This month we will be pairing our skin care routines with jewelry and gemstones.
The revived Faberge Jewelry, which combines the spirit of the venerable jeweler to the Czars with modern resources at first glance makes as much sense as mapping the surface of the moon. But this firm foundation in elegance paves the way for exuberant and soaring creativity, a world within itself of luxury and excitement.
Prevent your cheeks from drooping
This exercise goes well with Some Girls by the Rolling Stones, loudly. Regular practice eliminates facial fat by toning three muscle groups that support the cheeks. Muscle eats fat.
Open your mouth and roll your lips inward and under your teeth, then place your index fingers  above the apples of your cheeks. Pump your cheeks up toward your finger 10 times, using your fingers for resistance, keep your eyes still, relax. Repetez three times.
Such a pretty face needs new earrings, even any City banker preaching fiscal restraint would have to agree. Product image

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