Thursday, October 13, 2011

Microcurrent Lifts, Tones, and Contours

There are so many great ways care for your skin. In addition to products, drinking water and  wheat grass, walkies, facials, sleep, thinking pretty thoughts are all part of the equation.
There are so many effective products. Some creams are made with flowers harvested at dawn while the sun's gentle gamma rays dry the morning dew, some serums are made with a baby's first  breath, but none work as well as all natural Body Nurish and Power Repair .  These are affordable so you can use them generously.
Acupuncture facials, cupping, energy work, LED, all are genius. As is microcurrent, it  works with your beauty, it doesn't introduce any new elements. Microcurrent lifts, contours and tones your face, and the better your home habits the better the results.
My favorite reiki practitioner when from sweetly mousey to marvelous with one treatment, so I had one. Any cares or aging on my face melted like the snows from a mountainside. Even though I do all the things in this blog, she did one side of my face, leaving the undone side to look as though I had had a stroke or was a cubist painting.
Good habits give better results. Maybe your beau has private label liqueur and a herd of all natural beef, served with buttered potatoes, sigh. These things are ok, in moderation. Make the next day apples from an orchard, picked by local workers chanting blessings the fruit ping pings into the bucket.
Microcurrent doesn't need to cost a fortune, and saving money at a beauty school is chic pas cher.
With the money saved you can adopt-a -seed, plant a few acres of lavender, or maybe harvest a rose petal brooch.Product image

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