Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eliminate the Vertical Lines Between Your Eyebrows

It has been a year since my smart phone went overboard and it is now sleeping with the fishes. Looking at the screen made me scowl, so I don't miss it at all.
First, spray the palms of your hands with Peak Scents Lavishly Lavender, mmmmm.
This routine tones the nose and forehead muscles to alleviate the vertical lines between the brows, and prevents this area from drooping and creating a horizontal fold over the nose. Ewwww, that is so distracting!
Press firmly with 3 fingers between your eyebrows directly above your nose, concentrating on pressing down the tip of your nose. Hold for 5 seconds, then relax, and repetez three times.
Voila! Your forehead is smooth as an angel's.  To complete the divine look, take a moment to fill the space between thoughts with breath.
Learning these routines puts the focus on your lovely shiny natural buffed nails and pretty hands, hands that are saving money. Virtue is its own reward, but this Imperial Ring from Faberge  is a good idea too.Product image
Celebrate Rocktober!

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