Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfectly Healthy Shiny Hair

Perfect hair is the perfect accessory. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo followed by your regular shampoo. In your shampoo, put a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, this week I have been using geranium. Leave it in your hair for several minutes, while you use Power Repair Skin Cleanser on your Clarisonic brush. The gentle brush helps move lymph. Rinse your hair, then take a dropper full of Organic Herbal Hair and Scalp Treatment massage into hair, then apply your favorite hair mask over it. I like Kerastase, and the oil stretches the expensive mask and enhances the results. 
In Seattle, see Jessica Rockwell at Salon Blast for perfect blowouts. Deep conditioning Shine treatment for $30!  Salon Blast is an upscale salon with habit forming prices.