Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Verjus is a wonderful product, it is centuries made from pressed green grapes, and contains and enormous amount of antioxidants, and reservatrol, both are great for your skin. Mix it with fizzy water and honey for a nice alternative to drinking, particularly in the the heat.
If you do drink too much, I can heartily recommend the Soothing Herbal Jelly Mask  - ahhh, so cooling, I keep my in the fridge,  it changes the energy, takes away the dullness in your head.
Soothing Herbal Jelly Mask is infused with herbs that are traditionally used to heal and soothe irritable and damaged skin. This mask feels cool and calming while toning and conditioning the skin. A light and lovely product, it   heals and soothes and is  rich in natural vitamins and minerals. The list of ingredients list makes you feel better just reading it: distilled water infused with marshmallow root and calendula flower, orange blossom water, aloe vera gel, rose water, seaweed, xanthum gum, essential oils of neroli and yazu, glucose, and enzyme.
Ahh, hangover in French is mal a chevaux - my hair hurts!