Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cool Start to a Hot Day

Upon rising, drink 2 liters lemon water, and enjoy your coffee outside. If you have mint growing in your garden, boil fresh mint with rosemary for an antioxident and uplifting tea. Have a Brahms violin concerto playing in the background as you apply the Body Nurish Soothing Jelly Mask. This mask cools as you spread it on, and it translucent. Fill up the space between thoughts with breath.
Using the pads of your fingers, rub in Body Nurish Organic Herbal Hair and Scalp treatment - rub along the skull, exploring the bone structure, stimulating circulation keeps your hair beautiful, like the recent photos from Canada of Princess Shiny Hair. Even better, the oils and herbs contain the uplifting and clairfying scent of sage.
In the shower, scrub with Coconut Sugar Scrub, your skin will be new and smooth, who doesn't want to smell of coconuts all day?
On your now smiling face, as the act of showering releases endorphonins, apply Body Nurish Facial Toner, then VitaNutrient, a vitamin C serum, and for cooling finish with Body Nurish Comfrey Leaf lotion, and SPF 15 Sunshine Filter, a sunscreen that nourishes your skin with soothing herbs and oils. Spritz your legs with CocoButter Spray Oil - more on this amazing product later.
This drill is a great value, as are al the products found at, every product works, and the at home treatments are as good as any spa treatment. 
Now, go out for your walk or work in the garden, eat lunch on the lawn, you look wonderful, and will stay cooler.