Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On a Hot Day

The heat and humidity can make you feel muggy. This may help:

For the mask, chop up a ripe peach and blend with honey to make a paste. The fruit is astringent, and the honey is antibacterial and mositurizing. Strawberries can be used of you don't have a peach.
1. Apply the mask, leave it on for 5 minutes. After rinsing, you can feel your skin is smoother.
2. Apply a blend of geranium, sandalwood, and sweet almond oil. Using circular finger tip strokes, work the blend all ove the face, and inhale the aroma.
3. Work under the nose and eye socket areas.
Using just your index fingers, starting the inside of the eyebrows, stroke out to the edge of the bony eye socket areas, under the eye, and back up the sides of the nose. Repeat twice.
4. Alternate circles over the cheeks
Using the palms of both hands, one on either side, make large circular movements over the whole cheek area, one side after the other other, to massage the cheek muscles and work the blend into all areas.