Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Perfect Summer Day

Rosemary Green and Lavender Blue - Mama Lisa's House of English Nursery Rhymes, Comment Image
Rosemary green, and lavender blue,
Thyme and sweet marjoram,
Hyssop and rue.
Victorian Children's Rhyme
Oooh! It's a lovely day to pick roses at sunrise! At dawn the grass is damp under your bare feet, and there are no sounds other than quail calling. When you change bouquets, toss the previous rose petals on the walkway leading to your door, the postman will soooo appreciate it!
Mmmmm, cleaning lady called in sick? If you live where rosemary grows abundantly, take a generous amount and place in large pot on stove, turn to boil. The aroma will make your house smell wonderful, and you can drink the tea afterwards, or make a rosemary peach sorbet. Rosemary is full of antioxidants, is an astringent, and is great for wiping down surfaces.
The first thing guests will notice is the welcoming aroma, they will look past the week's clutter thrown in a large Moroccan shopping basket.
At a 300 year old farmhouse near Antibes, I picked up a nice trick- wipe down your windowsills and floors with lavender oil. When the warmth of the sun hits the wood, a lovely scent is released. Mmmmmmmmm.