Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tone and Uplift Facial Muscles for a Natural Facelift

Muscle Awareness
Facial exercises stretch, move, and tone the face muscles much more specifically than speaking and eating. After this routine, you may be surprised how you can feel the muscles- awareness!
1. Using your thumb and index finger together, pick up the folds all over your face, gently squeeze and release. This stimulates the circulation, and wake up the face. Do this for one minute.
2. Like Lion in yoga, squeeze, hold it all for 3 seconds then release. This exercise parts of the face that may not be exercised otherwise.
3. With your mouth closed, pretend to chew. Notice the way you normally chew, then switch directions. This exercises the muscles of the jaw and the chin.
4. Stick your tongue out and try to touch the tip of your nose. This movement exercises the muscles under the chin. Repeat three times.
5. With your lips  closed, brush your teeth with your tongue. This increases saliva production, and the movement of the tongue exercises the muscles in the cheeks.
6. Rub your hands together briskly and then place them over your face to feel the warmth beneath them.
Now go out in the garden and think pretty thoughts.