Friday, August 26, 2011

Facial Steam for an Organic Facelift

Power Repair's Facial Steam is a an important step in cleansing the pores, flushing out toxins, accelerating cell regeneration, and hydrating the skin. Facial Steam purifies and clears the skin and balances oil production. The organic ingredients transport you to a lovely garden:  chamomile flower, red rose petals, pink rosebuds, purple rosebuds, lavender flower, and calendula flower.
1. Steam Pour boiling water into a bowl, with a genrous amount of Facial Steam. Maybe to the flowers add some drops of lavender oil. The latin word root is laver, to clean. In French Lavage is to clean.
Think about that as you breathe in the steam with a towel forming a tent over your head.
2.Cold water splash This is toning and helps flush out toxins. If you don't have melted snow handy, put a bowl of water in the freezer before your set up for this.
3. Fingertip Circles Take a bit  of lavender or geranium oil and apply it all over your face with small circular massage movements, working it in to areas that need attention.
4. Finger Drainage Movements Place your index fingers flat together in the middle of your forehead, and slowly push outward to the sides of the face. Repeat over the cheeks and finally the chin.
These movements encourage toxins to come out of the tissues.
Green Clay Refinisher Facial Mask stimulates new cell growth, and penetrates deeper after the steam. Listen some Bach celllo while the clay dries on your lovely face.

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