Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tone skin and muscles with Accupressure

Pressure point techniques can regulate the oils and moisture on the skin as well as the hormonal balance in the body. These points are deceptively simple, and yet they are vital to facial rejuvenation because they work inside as well as outside the face. This routine provide an energizing and harmonizing start to your day.

1. Finger pressures inside the eye sockets Place your index fingers on the sides of your nose near the inner edge of the eyes. Press gently for three seconds, then release. Repeat twice. This move is deeply relaxing to the area and can help ease eyestrain to the area caused by close work.
2. Finger pressures on the TMJ and edge of the eye sockets
Place your thumbs on your TMJ area and your cheekbones. You will be able to feel your teeth under the layers of muscle tissue. Hold for 3 seconds, these points help regulate digestive function and can also help control appetite and cravings.
4. Fingers over the thyroid area
With your right hand place your fingers and thumb over the dip in the clavicle. Press very gently inward for 3 seconds, and repeat twice. This helps balance the hormones in the body.

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