Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comfrey Promotes Cell Regeneration

Comfrey leaf is a popular folk herb traditionally used topically to promote healing of wounds. Allantoin is a compound found in this herb. It stimulates healthy tissue formation and is widely used in body care products for its skin-soothing and softening properties. Cosmetic experts have studied comfrey leaf and have found that it promotes cell regeneration.
Super Salve Co. has a wonderful Comfrey Lip Balm and a Comfrey Lotion, both are chock full nourishing herbs and things, but what is really great is Body Nurish Herbal Foot Treatment with comfrey leaf. Massage the soles of your feet thoroughly for 15 minutes or so before bed, you will see results quickly, and sleep better. A Reflexology chart can tell you more!
Of course, ending the day with a relaxing bath is always a good move:
Comfrey Bath Tea Bag
Comfrey grows wild in may places, and can be found in many herbal shops, along with muslin tea bags.
Pull a ribbon through the neck of the muslin bag, and tie. Attach the bag tie to the water spout in your bathtub and arrange it so the bath bag gets wet as you let in the water. Or you could just play with it in the water for a few minutes so the essence of the herbs dissolves into the water.
Bach Brandenburg Concerto is good for a bath, so is a soothing Herbal Jelly Face Mask. PG Wodehouse is great to read  in the bath, if you don't mind laughing out loud.