Thursday, August 4, 2011

What Lies Beneath

Grace Kelly Photo
"Always judge by appearances, anything else is superficial." Oscar Wilde

There are many great ways to care for your skin and overall appearance of your face. Let's learn about the your face, this understanding will help you care for it.
The face forms the front of the skull, and is made up of thirteen bones. the jaw is two, which are fused below the nose. The lower jaw is movable, the nose is made of two flat bones, which join in the middle. The forehead is called the frontal bone.
Important facial muscles connect to the bony structure; this allows eyes to open, eyebrows to lift, chewing, and the rest. The muscles of the cheek, the ring of muscle around the eyes, and the muscles around the mouth. Slack muscle tone in these areas directly affects facial shape, learn about exercises, massages and pressure points that will help preserve your natural glamour.
This tissue cover your entire body, regulating temperature through sweat glands and interpreting the world through nerve endings. The skin on the face is delicate because the muscles layer underneath is less dense.
The skin is made of cells that are constantly rubbed away and replaced. This renewal slows with time, so facial rejuvenation techniques are needed to nourish and replace this layer.
But for now, go stand on your head for five minutes to stimulate blood flow to nourish and cleanse, and we will talk again tomorrow.