Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Salve Superb Glow

The benefits of all natural Power Repair products cannot be overstated. Owned and created by two charming sisters, certainly minor royalty in their native Yugoslavia, it is an amazing value in addition to having great ingredients. The Vitamin C  Solution brightens your skin to the point that people will remark, Specifically, the person handing you a steaming hot coffee will stare, point, and 'say "what what, you tell me! so pretty!" Yes, and I too will love you very long time.
An effective and is at home Cupping and LED facial using Power Repair:
Cup your face and neck using Fruity Lift, apply Power Repair Clay Mask, rest and rinse,
 generously apply Power Repair vitamin C Solution, and use the Light Stim LED gadget
, finish with Power Repair face cream and your face with be soft and radiant.
A friend with enviable skin swears by Cocoa oil, and their Mochachino butter has a rich texture, is quickly absorbed, and imparts a very warm glow, as it nourishes your skin.
The toner is light and pleasantly scented, refreshing in the heat,  the list of ingredients of all the products is a rural idyll just reading them - and antixoidants a priority.  Fruity Lift works well with facial cupping, and Power Repair serums absorb perfectly. I have given their starter kits to my mom, sis, and a few friends, all who have switched with unswerving loyalty to Power Repair.